Articles by Me

My Financial Times TV columns from 1999-2001 are sort of available on this page.

Culture and Politics:

Washington Post (behind paywall): Korean pop culture is everywhere. And it’s taken on a life of its own.

CNN: ‘Parasite’s’ win is an awesome test of the one-inch barrier of text

New York Times: The Korean Secret to Happiness and Success

Lenny Letter: Kimchi Temper 6 July 2018

New York Times Op-Ed: I Grew Up Around Korean Beauty Products. Americans, You’ve Been Had. 8 Dec. 2017

CNN Opinion: The Age of Vampires Has Given Way to the Age of the Zombies. 31 Oct 2017

Quartz: Unfamous Valley: Why it sucks to be not quite famous 21 July 2017

CNN Opinion: The President who got impeached for being embarrassing 12 March 2017

Lenny Letter: The President and the Ghost Whisperer 25 Jan. 2017​

Quartz: Please stop saying the Japanese are descended from Koreans 27 April 2017

Quartz: Sid and Nancy and Me (chosen as one of 10 best personal essays on Quartz for 2016) 12 October 2016

Quartz: 23andMe has a problem when it comes to ancestry reports for people of color 26 August 2016

Wall Street Journal Op-ed: K-Pop Music and the Hallyu Hullabaloo 17 June 2016

Quartz: Justin Timberlake is going to ruin Eurovision 13 may 2016

Los Angeles Times Op-ed Resilience in Paris 13 November 2015

Quartz: Conan O’Brien accidentally exposed the culture gap between Koreans and Korean-Americans 16 April 2016 (one of the 10 most-shared articles on Facebook for that date)

Quartz: How Snoopy helped make ‘Peanuts’ the definitive Sunday comic strip 15 August 2015

Quartz: How I made the leap from being Korean to being Jewish​ 25 June 2015

Quartz: Korea’s newest slogan is Seoul stupid 11 November 201​5

Quartz: Charlie Hebdo’s Gross-out Humor is a Tradition Worth Preserving 15 Jan 2015

New York Times Book Review: Suki Kim’s ‘Without You, There Is No Us 14 Dec 2014

Newsweek UK: Korean Cool Is The Ultimate National Marketing Ploy – Newsweek 8 Aug 2014

Quartz: Tiger Mom is Many Things, but She’s No Racist, 26 Jan 2014

Wall St. Journal Op-ed:  I Got Eyelid Surgery, but Not to Look White 13 Oct 2013

Quartz: Formula One, like soccer and the metric system, is OK for everyone except Americans

The Formula One contestant list is a veritable multinational hodgepodge: Germany’s Sebastian Vettel, the young racing prodigy who claimed his third Formula One victory at… (November 28, 2012)

Women senators hit the porcelain ceiling as a bill for more bathrooms circles the drain

Following the Nov. 6 US elections, there are now an unprecedented 20 women in the Senate, up from 17. This has led to what you… November 15, 2012

Eton: Why James Bond’s and David Cameron’s prep school still makes leaders

A future Prime Minister, spy, and one-handed pirate are amongst these boys.

Arthur Wellesley, the First Duke of Wellington, upon defeating Napoleon at Waterloo in 1815, famously said, “The Battle of Waterloo was won on the playing…

Consultant, consult thyself: Why Gaddafi’s former spin doctor, the Monitor Group, filed for bankruptcy

The late Libyan dictator Moammar Gaddafi had engaged the Monitor Group to help solve his image problem.

It’s not very reassuring when a management consulting company can’t even pay its own rent. The Monitor Group, a highly prestigious American consulting firm until… November 11, 2012

Thank goodness it’s Friday, the day no one will ever read about this story, ever

People get fired on Friday more than any other day—perhaps because bosses hope that by Monday, the… November 09, 2012

Why is American Express paying people to play Halo 4?

Microsoft’s Halo 4, being released worldwide on Nov. 6 (Nov. 8 in Japan), is by far the most expensive game in Microsoft history, and has… November 05, 2012

Proof that Starbucks is the new public utility: Panic erupts when it closes, even during a hurricane

Starbucks strategy: New Yorkers made the coffee retailer a last stop in their gathering of rations. wanted New Yorkers to know about three closures as they prepped for the Hurricane Sandy: subways, schools, and Starbucks. Yes, Starbucks. The coffee chain… October 29, 2012

Kim Jong Il’s endearing hipster grandson gives TV interview, says “like” a lot, calls uncle a “dictator.”

Kim Jong-nam, older brother of current North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un, was long considered the embarrassing stupid son of the dynasty, and there’s arguably some… October 19, 2012

What is global climate change doing to our favorite wines?

wine harvest germany feat

This article is part of a series on the 2012 wine harvest and how certain vineyards have been coping with the effects of global climate… October 04, 2012

France 24 articles here

Boston Globe: We’ll Always Have East Berlin: Germany’s Strange Nostalgia for Life Behind the Wall 8 Sep 2003

New York Times: Teaching Germany to Grin and Bear Cheerleading 30 November 2003

New York Times: Rise of the New Europe in Euro Pop 26 May 2003

My first-ever op-ed in the mainstream press: WSJ op-ed on Estonian accession to the E.U. 2002

Financial Times: nam june paik guggenheim review 26 Feb 2000


Finance articles for Investopedia (where I was Senior Finance Editor):

How Does Bitcoin Mining Work?

Explained like you’re five.

Bitcoin Price Spikes to $2,700, then Loses $400 in Hours (C,NDAQ)

Easy come, easy go in volatile cryptocurrency pricing

Investopedia’s Guide to Watching ‘Wizard of Lies,’ HBO’s Madoff Movie

Who’s who, and all the financial background you need to watch HBO’s tragic “The Wizard of Lies.”

Proposed Conn. 19% Hedge Fund Tax Could Drive Out Ultra-Wealthy

Elected leaders from Connecticut have voiced opposition to a bill requiring a 19% tax on hedge funds.

Happy Pi Day: How to Save Money Using Pi

Happy 3/14, or “Pi Day.” As Pizza Hut pointed out on its blog, “Pi is everyone’s favorite irrational number.”

Ray Dalio Stepping Down from Bridgewater Leadership Role

The billionaire and author of eccentric investor letters made the announcement on his LinkedIn page.

Warren Buffett’s Genius Celebrated in Adorable HBO Documentary (BRK.A)

The gajillionaire is portrayed as humble, but lovable – and also a little weird.

Samsung’s Absurd History: From Fish to Riches to Shame (SSNLF,AAPL,HAR)

First, you’re known for poor quality. Then you’re the envy of the mobile world. Then you’re banned from planes.

How You Could Have Made Money Between the Trump Win and Opening Bell

There’s money to be made on election night, even after the markets close. Here’s how you could have done it last night.

Ethereum Price Stable Despite Attacks, Potential Fork

Despite repeated bursts of panic, and yet another hard fork due to security breaches, Ethereum is just fine.

John McAfee Messes with You Again in New Showtime Documentary

Silicon Valley legend John McAfee’s bizarre past is laid bare in a new Showtime documentary by a filmmaker with an axe to …

Bitcoin is Money, Rules Federal Judge in Landmark Case (JPM)

Is bitcoin money, legally speaking? That’s a matter of disagreement. The IRS says it’s property, not money. Now a judge has …

Turkish Lira at Biggest Daily Drop in 8 Years After Attempted Coup

A failed military coup against Erdogan’s regime caused a mass Lira selloff. Here is a list of some ETFs with exposure to …

Ethereum DAO Hacked, Founder Says Pause Trading Right Now

The Ethereum exchange is under brutal hacker attack. Missing: 3.6 million ether, all siphoned by one account.

Panama Papers: the Fascinating American Connection

The stories behind individual Americans’ involvement in the Panama Papers are becoming interestinger and interestinger.

Sunny Vanderbeck, CEO of Satori Capital: Influencer

A Q&A Sunny Vanderbeck, Managing Partner of Dallas-based Satori Capital, who has some enlightened views on the future …

Bayer Announces $62B All-Cash Bid for Monsanto (MON)

Panama Papers Firms Lost $230B in Market Cap, More Surprises

Experts predict that the fallout from the Panama Papers has only just begun.

Panama Papers Names Emma Watson, Emilio Estevez, Other Celebs

If you’re mad at David Cameron, brace yourself to be mad at Hermione Granger as well. And possibly one Charlie’s Angel. And …

Panama Papers Data Dump: Biggest Surprises

First of all, there aren’t 214,000 entities mentioned–there are more than 320,000.

Panama Papers: All 214,000 Parties to Be Outed Mon 2pm EST

Prepare for global mayhem.

David Einhorn: Short Caterpillar, Long GM (CAT, GM)

GM’s not at peak and Caterpillar is not at trough, says one of the investing world’s most colorful speakers, David Einhorn.

Stanley Druckenmiller Warns: ‘Fed Has No Endgame’

Why today is like (and not like) 1981 – a warning from Stanley Druckenmiller, the world’s most famous forex trader.

Ira Sohn Conf. 2016: Nerd Prom for Investors

Sohn Investment Conference 2016, nerd prom and Met Gala for the investor set, is upon us. Here is an almost live blog.

Amazon is $3T Opportunity Hiding in Plain Sight, Says Investor

Amazon has a potential to grow to a $3 trillion company by 2025, says this investor.

Conscious Capitalism is Going Mainstream

The dichotomy of do-gooder vs. profit-seeker may be at an end, according to proponents of the increasingly popular conscious …

Kanye Tweets Asking Zuckerberg for $1B

So, Martin Shkreli is not the only celebrity who seems unable to understand how to use Twitter.

Kanye Ignores Shkreli’s $10M, Unrequited Bromance

Martin Shkreli, I’m really happy for you, Imma let you finish, but you might be one of the weirdest ex-CEOs of all time. …

ABC’s Madoff Miniseries Explores His Charm, Smarm

An ABC miniseries on Ponzi scheme king Bernie Madoff gets inside the head of a man who was, in fact, not too big to fail.

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Class Warfare

Vampires have money. Zombies and zombie-hunters are basically everybody else.

 “Billions”: Subprime Crisis Created Viewer Demand

TV dramas about Wall Street have historically tanked. That is, until Showtime’s “Billions.” A few financial crises can alter

Betamax, International Symbol Of Bad Marketing, Is Finally Dead (SNE)

Sony Betamax is the business textbook case study of a company’s spectacular oversight in assessing consumer demand.

U.S. Marshals To Auction Off Seized Bitcoins

The U.S. Marshals are auctioning off 29,656.51306529 bitcoins seized from drug site Silk Road. To be eligible, you’ll need …

Could One Bitcoin Come To Be Worth $1 Million? Q&A

“If Bitcoin lives up to its potential and becomes the working capital of international trade, it could be used for cross …